Great Video on SoftGrid

On Channel9 there was a great video about SoftGrid and application virtualization.  I learned a lot as it compares/relates to Altiris and SVS.

One of the downfalls for SoftGrid is that it is only sold as a part of MDOP and is not available at the consumer level.  SVS is available free to use for the personal use and quite the community has been built up around this product.  SVS Downloads is the place to get SVS for the personal use, the email it asks for is to send you the license file which you need.

In the Video, Charles Torre asks a question about can a developer download a CTP, package it and then share it with other developers.  With SoftGrid this would be possible only if you were an enterprise with MDOP.  However if you use Altiris’ SVS you could virtualize this application and share it with other developers free of charge (you may have a license issue with Microsoft) but it will work.

Anyway if you are interested in the differences between SVS and SoftGrid here is a great article on this: