Great Aritcles on Ubuntu

I came across this post (,1895,1990777,00.asp) on Eweek, due to a posting by Jeff Waugh on the sounder mailing list and then followed the link to this post ( on Desktop Linux as well.

The first post has some very good points about the ease of use that is Ubuntu’s speciality.  However I am always a little disappointed that Kubuntu is such an after thought.  BTW there is this other distro out there as well and we will just mention it in passing.  Some great and wonderful things are happening w/ Kubuntu especially for Edgy that is currently in development.  I do agree with the author that there needs to be some better applications for dealing with X configurations and also NetworkManger would be great in Edgy as well.

 The second article seemed a lot like a release announcment instead of an article, but any good press is nice press.

 The one thing I do find intersting is that it is Cannonical’s relase and Cannocials version of LInux and Cannonical released it.  Yes the company does fund some developers, but there is such a larger portion of community developers versu paid for developers that I think we should just call it the Ubuntu communities release or the Kubuntu communities release…. Oh well who I am?


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