Anger, Lots and Lots of Anger

About a month ago a nice older gentelman came and introduce himself to my wife and I saying that his tree company was coming into to take out the neighbor’s tree and wanted permission to go into our backyard in case any pieces fell into it. For some silly reason my wife and I agreed. I asked if we needed a contract or anything and he said a handshake would be fine.

Little did we know how wrong we would be…. Two and half weeks ago we came home to a mess of tree branches, limbs and large chunks of wood in our backyard and the stone border we have around our flower area all torn up. SO I called and left him a voice mail. And called and left him another voicemail…. And you get how the pictures goes. Today my father stops by to pick up the dog and says “You wouldn’t believe what your yard looks like…” Yes I cam home to work today to a backyard completely torn up by some form of large tire tracks with dirt all over and the SAME BRANCHES still in place. So now we have a messed up backyard and I start the calling over and over again.

Lots and Lots of ANGER


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