New Post by Scoble

Robert has a new post out today once again praising Second Life as the greatest thing since sliced bread and I have to disagree with him again.  Check out these two posts on Channel9, and seems that most people there either didn’t enjoy thier time or don’t want to play anymore.  I have tried it and found it to be pretty boring and a waste of time and money.  I would rather play City of Heroes or something like that.  In fact out of all of my friends, I’m probablly the only one who has heard of the game in the first place.

Now I do have to agree w/ him about Outlook.  I love Outlook, especially the things they have done with Outlook12.  I would have a hard time moving to an all web based email system. I also use Kontact a lot (KDE’s knock-off of Outlook) and there are a lot things I  don’t like about it and Outlook does a lot better job then anything else I’ve tried.

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