America should withdraw from the UN

Once again GOP Bloggers has said more then I can say, and better then I can say it.  The UN has been taken over by the Islamic extremists and America should withdraw and kick them out of New York.  But we all know what would happen if there was ever an effort made.  The bleeding heart liberals, the same people who believe that International Law takes precedent over American Law would scream foul, would try to impeach whoever made the decision or whoever even attempted it.  Let’s kick the UN out of America.  Imagine what would happen to the UN’s budget, we provided $279.3 million in 2003 alone out of a budget of $2.65 billion for that year.  


3 thoughts on “America should withdraw from the UN

  1. I think you said it pretty well. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been advocating the US leaving the U.N. for a couple years on my personal blog. But you’re absolutely right, the bleeding heart liberals would throw a huge fit sure to get everyone pissed off.

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