Communicating Release Goals

Another great post by SABDFL in regards to some problems communicating Release Goals for Ubuntu and how to better address some problems.  I like the comment that Matt Zimmerman makes about how it might be that the community has grown so fast that not only has the support level gone done, but the quality of bug reporting is also decreasing.  Seems like this is a good problem for Ubuntu to have as long as they can adopt and help change this problem into something better.

In a post on Channel9 Larry Osterman address this problem in a round about way.  Processes don’t always scale correctly, especially as a community of developers or in Microsoft’s case, hired developers, grows processes need to grow and adapt, which is part of the problem with the delay in Vista.

Ubuntu seems to be struggeling with this in a somewhat similiar way.  No longer are the orginal warthogs committing the most to Ubuntu, average Joes who are creating bugs, posting on the forums and trying to help out on #ubuntu are defining who and what the community of Ubuntu is and we are growing out the orginal core.  Bugs alone are probablly overwhelimg the developers, just look at how many are created each day and are also left without any other information or triaging done.  I hope Ubuntu can address this.


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