Resumes are still valid

Today Robert argues that resumes are old news and to just blog instead. I disagree, Robert went “off the grid” however I still don’t think he got off to the real world. Here in the Midwest, if I pointed some one to my blog as my resume, I wouldn’t get the job, it wouldn’t even get me an interview. A resume still is the key to get pass the gatekeeper. In fact, if you read the MS Job Blog they still mention resumes. Obviously they are still needed.

What type of job would you be looking for would only require a blog instead of a resume? I’m working as a consultant now, and one of our clients asked for copies of all our resumes, should I have pointed them here instead? I don’t think so.

Sorry Robert, I disagree with you on this…


Update:  Working on trying to get my name changed so it shows better.  Instead of being lied to on resumes you should use the search engine that is also known as a verb to look me up 🙂


One thought on “Resumes are still valid

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