Good post on Ubuntu

One of the frequent posters to Channel9 has written an excellent post on the current state of Linux on the Desktop. However, I have never had any of the same problems w/ wireless cards since Warty that he has. I wonder if I have just been lucky or things aren’t as bad as this author makes them out to be. I do agree that it seems Linux on the Desktop is currently at the state of Windows 95 was. Less and less config files to edit by hand and more and more you can use a GUI to make the changes in. Ubuntu and Kubuntu have made great strides to make configuration simple and easy.

The best part of this entry is where he argues against the whole rehtoric in regards to RMS and everything. The zealotry is not winning friends in the corporate world. In fact no business will use Linux to get rid of M$ and BillG, it will be driven by costs instead.

Grow up Linux community


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