Off the deep end

I don’t know what has happened to Robert lately but since leaving Microsoft his whole attitude has changed.  No longer is he promoting anything but living off of his ego and slamming any company that doesn’t agree with him.  He says he has super secret double background information on new things coming from Apple, but all he knows is wrong, he bashes Google for things, and lately has decided to bass anything and everything Microsoft does.  Remember it was Microsoft that made Robert who he was and yet he has now turned to bite the hand that fed him.

Robert defines a blog as something that has been around for 3 months and has daily updates that aren’t just flicker uploads and also has more then 500 words.  Hardly any posts here match the 500 word criteria, and this blog  hasn’t been around for 3 months, yet he linked to me here.  Sorry Robert, but just because you wrote a book, there are over 198 on Amazon if you search for the word blog there…  It doesn’t mean your definition is the correct or right one.  I wonder how these other writers feel about their definitions of blogs and if they disagree with your view.


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