Keeping good talent happy at Microsoft

In a blog about Windows Media Center, Matt Goyer who worked for Microsoft announced he is leaving the company. The question he states at the end of his entry is the bigger deal. How does a company like MS keep fresh talent interested in working on things?

When I left jobs, the problem didn’t lie w/ the employer, the reason to change was mostly on my end. I was bored of doing the same thing day in and day out and wanted new scenery. Now I didn’t really do the same thing every day, no one really days, it just felt like I was bored. There were new programs comming in to learn and maintain and also new responsiblities as my job grew that would challenge me, however I was board.

I think that is why some the “big talent” leaves these companies. They get bored of creating product and releasing or working on products that haven’t been released yet. The company can be at fault for not challenging them, but I think it rests more on the individual then on the person who is leaving.

Disagree? feel free to let me know.

P.S. I wonder if we know more about the “big talent” leaving MS because the people are more open and discuss things like this on thier blogs. I wonder if the same happens at other companies of the same size?


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