Further reaction to Ichthux

Ichthux has been getting some interesting and unfortunately mostly negative press in regards to its announcement. I downloaded Beta5 and gave it a test and enjoyed it. I started poking around it and noticed some bugs in the installer and a couple of other things. By using launchpad they get the bug tracking tool Malone, and make it easy to fill bugs. So I did and started helping out the group.

Anyways I was surprised to find the following email in my inbox sent to my Icththux account calling me a Nazi and comparing me to Hitler:

Your’e not ashamed to be a NAZI?
Well , Your’re christian!
Were’s the difference? Nothing!

What a great email, I’m glad you are tolerant of other religions and other points of view. I get frustrated over the fact that many people are outraged that a group of developers and using free and open source software to meet a need. And the best part is that if this catches on and more and more people use Ichthux, Ubuntu/Kubuntu grows as well. Its a great way to get into churches for the Open Source world.

I’m ashamed by the Community that views Open Source and Software Freedom is great as long as a religion so intolerant as Christianity doesn’t use it. Imagine the reaction if there was (or maybe there is and I don’t know about it) a Ubuntu derrivative that was focused on Islam and that religion. No one would care, there wouldn’t be the flame war and the emails like I posted being sent to the developers of that.

Zealotry (Bigotry) is why Open Source is taking so long to grow into corporate culture in America and this is just the latest example of that Bigotry.


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