The Official Ubuntu Book

Well, I figured it was finally time to write an entry about The Official Ubuntu Book, that I helped write as it is now available on Amazon, and other bookstores.

I have been working on the Documentation for Ubuntu since maybe Hoary Hedgehog and at least Breezy Badger.  I had finally found a way to give back to the community as I am no were near a developer or can even pretend to be one.  However I can write some (hopefully) helpful information and publish it in way people find usefull.  So I started submitting small patches to the Documenation Team and providing information as to spelling problems, and other issues.  This then moved on to writing specific Kubuntu documentation and slowly became a sort of lead for Kubuntu docs.  In fact at one time I was the only one in the entire documentation team working on Kubuntu documentation.

For Dapper Drake, we built a solid group of people who were really interested in writing quality Kubuntu docs and were very successful.  It was during this time that Prentince Hall approached me to help out with the book they were working on and specifically the Kubuntu section.  At first I thought it was a mistake or some form of scam, I was nervous about committing to it, but am really glad that I did.

This was my first time working w/ a group of people on a book that got published and also my first time working w/ a publishing company.  It was a very good experience, and I worked w/ a great editor at Prentince Hall.  The last I heard they were thinking about releasing an update for Edgy Eft, so hopefully we can keep the book up to date and current.


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