Kickoff Start Menu

I saw this and was sort of blown away.  Let me explain why just sort of blown away.  I’ve read a lot about how some people feel that the whole Linux world is set on copying MS and whatever they are doing and not a lot of new “innovation” and the new start menu (notice the reference to the Microsoft Start Menu, not the KDE Menu or the Gnome Footprint) looks a lot like what I’ve seen in XP and even in Vista (btw did you download the latest Release Canidate if you are interested?).  While I think it looks great and I hope Kubuntu can get it in (the new menu is Edgy 🙂 ), I don’t know if it really is that big of deal…  I mean a new start menu is cool and all that, but in the Windows world I still run in “classic” mode.  But good job on releasing it.


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