Why the Left Hates the new 9/11 movie

Hugh Hewitt takes on the reasoning behind the anger towards the new 9/11 movie.  The real reason he argues is because of selfishness.  The anger towards the movie is nothing more then “it paints me in a bad light.”  Not we don’t like the movie, we don’t think it is a good movie, nope it’s all about me.  I thought we moved passed this when the 90’s ended.

Notice that everyone is saying this movie takes on both the Bush administration and the Clinton Administration and points out what they both did wrong.  (or so the reviewers are saying).  Hugh mentions that the fact that Clinton was offered Bin Laden in Sudan is even left out.  Along with connections that Al Qeda had w/ Iraq.

No one is thinking about the enemy that did this, or about the victims that might be protrayed.  No one is talking about the fact that terriorists attacked America and almost 3,000 people died that day.  Nope everyone is talking about how “I look bad in this movie so we need to edit it out.”  And that is the biggest shame


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