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Did you ever waste countless hours on MUDs.  Typing text into a simple telnet program, or using tintin++ and creating great scripted guides to do all manner of stuff like, set var ($targ), kill $targ, alias slay cast ‘slay’ $targ, action (You gain your share of experience) (get all corpse*cast ‘drain corpse’ corpse) and all that crazy stuff?

I wasted all of my on this great mud, eventually rising tio the level of implementor, where it spent almost three years moving and guiding the direction of the mud.  Today I took a trip down memory lane to see if the old home base was still alive.  And yes it is alive… Badly in need of some players, but maybe this post will help them out…

Hexonyx is a great mud that for some reason had some bad apples as players… Maybe it was because at one time the staff was too lax in enforcing the rules or whatever, but this group of bad players tried to enforce their way and unfortnatly drove out some of the games great players out.

Anyways lots of good memories there, maybe I’ll write some more.  But if you are intersted in playing a great mud that’s been around since the early 90’s then follow the links in this blog post

****** UPDATE *******

It looks Hex has been down for a long time due to failure of the hard drive on the server which the mud resided upon.  For more updates check out this site


30 thoughts on “HexOnyx Mud

  1. Hello back Picard… I am amzed that this post still gets traffic for people I would think looking for that great MUD.

    It is a shame that it has died and gone away. Unless for some reason it is running under another name that I don’t know of

  2. Yeah I miss it as well. Nice to see you stop by Bleemus/Xazz/Samman. I have an old hard drive somewhere in my house with a copy of some HexOnyx code maybe I’ll have to dig it up and figure out how to post it.

    oh well I miss those simpler days 🙂

  3. For some reason, I decided to search for Hexonyx and see if anyone was still out there. I used to play occasionally about 10 years ago. Nice to see it’s not forgotten.

  4. What a great MUD! I wasn’t really a hardcore player, nor a coder. I have several level 50-60-ish chars, a cleric, a warrior or something. But boy I spent so much time on that Hex, time travel was classic, and sitting in the temple in middle while the mod sits next to you whispering “I’ll kill you” at the same time trying to get help from other players was even more memorable! It is sad to see a place like that is really gone for good.

  5. Wow Zeil,

    Nice to see you stumble on bye.. Sad to see it is goen as well. I think the problem is that no one has the code anymore hence the wish we could figure it out again.
    I remember when the server went down, we tried to get a hold of Brett (Yaz) and he hadn’t done backups of the system in a long time and he didn’t have any desire to work on restoring it.
    I can’t find any of my old check outs or backups. Wish they were still stored some place

    • I would be interested in the source code, I would have to find a place to host but would give it a try. I have fond memories of hours of wasted time there.


    • oh Taleden welcome back. What was that big project you were working on? Universe or something like that? The short demo I saw was amazing and I always hoped it would come fully into fruition.
      Hope they were all good memories that came back from this post.

      Now if we could only get Tja/Pysa/Albus back some place and bring the whole gang back together


  6. Inverse is a little devil! 😉

    I remember Hex suffered a stroke and Yaz was without a backup. There is a Facebook group (some of you know of) that I’d completely forgotten about where Yaz writes in 2011 that he might have been able to get the server back. Check with Swipe 😉 He used to have backups, though I’d have guessed Mr. Taleden would have had one hidden away somewhere…

    My forte was never coding, but I knew how to spam 🙂
    -Tja / Albus

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  8. Ok so Im an OLD hand a muds but my old haunt is not up and running but HexOnyx is up and running. So been exploring around and really like it. Its similar enough to my old mud that it does bring back some memories. Just wondering if anyone remembers where the goblin war camp is located. been looking around for it but cant find it.

    • Sendt fra min iPhone

      Den 15. jun. 2017 kl. 01.59 skrev A Conservative Techie <comment-reply@wordpress.com>:
      Welcome! (Check your fb messenger for a pm)
      Keith Sundberg commented: “Ok so Im an OLD hand a muds but my old haunt is not up and running but HexOnyx is up and running. So been exploring around and really like it. Its similar enough to my old mud that it does bring back some memories. Just wondering if anyone remembers whe”

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