Scoble is becoming irrelevant

Robert, sorry to tell you this, but your latest post is further proof that your blog is slowly becoming irrelevant. 

First off your posts have turned into a lot of look who I had lunch with/talked on the phone with/came over for dinner/gave me secret background knowledge that I can’t share/etc…

Secondly you have started to bash MS, your fomer employer and have joined everyone elses game of slaming them for every product.

And finally everything you like is now the best product out there and no should not use it.  As a former network administrator who dealt with firewall policies, I would block Skype as well.  For two reasons, it was against the company’s security policy, and because bandwidth is not free.  If someone wanted to use Skype use it on thier own dime, not the company’s.  Now as to the school blocking Skype, was there a reason?  Did you even ask for the university’s reason?  Or because you read it on a blog and there was a protest against the action it made it something for you to support?

I’m really thinking about unsubscribe from your blog, I find it worthless and pointless to read, and trust me outside of the “bubble” (as you comonly refere to it as, podcasting is not the next/current big thing.  Having people hooked up to broadband and using the technology comes way before podcasting.


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