Good review and article on Xubuntu


I read every issue of Linux Magazine, but very rarely purchase them, Barnes and Nobles is a great place to catch up on things while my wife reads her magazines.  But before each trip/vacation that I take I usually grab the current issue if I haven’t already read it.

In the October 2006 issue, Jason Perlow writes a good article about recycling computers by using Xubuntu instead of just pitching that old Pentium box.  I use Xubuntu on several older machines machines and have always found it be great.  A very simple but elegant desktop with great support, great hardware detection and the hallmark of all Ubuntu releases, it just works.

Anyways it is a great article and shows you how you can even update your old Mac by installing Xubuntu on it.  For those w/ older machines, please don’t just throw them away, load Xubuntu on it and give it to a friend 🙂

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