New iTunes Frustrations

So I recently downloaded the latest version of iTunes 7, I think it is 7.1?, but anyways what a huge steaming pile of crap it is.  This by far is the worst piece of software that I have dealt with in several years.  The good news is that I used Altiris’ Software Virtualization Services, to virtualize the application instead of installing it directly onto my PC.

The first frustration is that I lost everything on my iPOD when I tried to sync it to my music library.  Now I only use an iPod shuffle to listen while I run, the regular iPods are just hard to carry unless you purchase a carrying case or find some way to strap it on, but seriously, how can you release a product that nukes all the .mp3s that you have stored on an iPod.  What a great steaming pile of crap software.  Very Very Very frustrated at this point.

Secondly iTunes tried to upgrade the software that resides on the iPod and it crashed giving me errors and asking whether I would like to restore it back to it’s orignal settings.  Sure I thought, you already deleted my entire playlist, why not…. Well at that point iTunes became unusable.  Everytime I started it up, I would receive fatal errors and notification that Windows would like to send error reports somewhere.  (As an aside, what do you Windows would do with errors in Apple’s software?)

As mentioned earlier I was glad that I installed iTunes in a SVS layer, I reset the layer and thought I would be all set.  Nope, still didn’t work, so I deleted the layer and recreated it.  Same problems…. Over and over again.  After the 4th attempt, i formated my iPod through My Computer, created a new layer and was then able to use my iPod.

Here’s another huge frustartion:  I want iTunes to open up maximized, full screen.  Nope, it takes up a little over 3/4 of the screen and I have to clikc on the maximize window icon.  EACH TIME I OPEN UP THE PROGRAM REMEMBER MY SETTINGS YOU PIECE OF CRAP SOFTWARE!!!!

As you can see I’m very very very upset w/ iTunes and may revert back to useing Amarok and LInux to manage my iPod.


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