Frustrations with our current govenor

In the state of Michigan we are blessed with the great Jennifer Granhom and the beauty of her great economic plan. Can you please explain Governor Granholm why DaimlerChrysler, is building another huge plant in Indiana. Can you please explain why an auto company decides to leave the state of Michigan and go to Indiana to create a new plant? Michigan is the auto captial, companies are headquatred here.

Instead they are moving out of state, yet another company seeking elsewhere to work. Ms. Granholm was this part of your 5 year plan that we are waiting for? Or is it part of your cool cities plan?

I love listening to political debates, especially when the current governor keeps blaming the previous govenor for all of her problems.

And the best line of the night is when Mr. Devos mentioned he had a plan and she said “Really you do?”


update:  Another great quote after she spent time attacking Mr. Devos on about a nursing home and a lack of disclosure and she was attacking him about something.  And she then said “I guess I didn’t read it well”


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