Off base again Robert

A poster that goes by the name Layz on Robert’s blog makes perhaps the best comment on his write up of the whole Google and YouTube deal

Scoble, your opinion on this is amaturish as best. Unlike Cuban you have absolutely no position or expertise or insight on this business, so I’m not sure why the hell anyone would be asking your opinion. You’ve never held a position responsible for producing any product up unitl 3 months ago (and it’s debatable whether what you are producing is a product). Before that you were a very low level employee at MS, as far as I could tell, with NO responsiblity on product decisions. Before that you were, I MS MVP, wherever the hell that means. And you worked in the tech press biz, and sold cameras. So, exactly were does your expertise in this area, compared with Cuban’s come from?

This is still another example of Mr. Scoble becoming more and more irrelevant and less and less interesting to read.  Besides reading about who he went for moonlit walks and who ate what for breakfast we get to listen to him pontificate about other things he has no idea about.

I think this whole purchase for Google will be a very ugly thing.  (But I hope to be proven wrong) I can’t wiat for all the cease and desist orders to start comming to the great Googleplex in the sky.  I don’t pay to download shows on iTunes (basically because I hate thier software and have a terrible network connection) but why should I if I can find them or most of them for free on YouTube or elsewhere.  And as the great Mr. Cuban writes, I can find any clip on Stewie from family guy or Homer doing somethings stupid when that’s all I really want.

How many stupid radio morning shows are going to lose half of thier stuff when they can no longer link/play stupid YouTube movies due to copyright issues?  Part of the allure of YouTube was that it was anti-establishment and anti-corporate.  Now it is has lost that….

The other question that needs to be asked is will Google continue to block material it finds offensive?   Remember they already edit the news they put on Google News
We already know that Google controls what is put on its news sites and we also know that YouTube blocks


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