Thoughts on Ubuntu and Packaging Systems

A great blog post on Ubuntu and more importantly packaging.  I found this entry from the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter as it is referenced in the current edition (Issue 17).  BTW huge thanks for the all the people who are spending time each week to put this out.  Its great since Ubuntu Traffic got to crazy to keep current and up to date.

So anyways, the poster speculates on Ubuntu becoming the end all be all for Free Software and Linux Distributions and then goes on to talk about packaging systems.  I have to be honest, apt is simply the best system out there I have used.  I have used yum, I have used Slackware’s package system and I have tried out SuSEs packaging system.  Nothing beats apt for ease of use and simplicity.  A simple apt-get update, apt-get install, etc and you are on your way.

However the draw back is keeping your sources.list configured correctly.  I think a cool thing, if it could be implemented would be this specification that talkes about creating software channels, instead of repositories.  Need Ubuntu software, simply add the Ubuntu software channel, need some other distributors software, add thier channel.  No more worrying if you need Universe or Multiverse, free, or non-free enabled.  Simply add the channels and install software.

More thoughts on this later, but I think by standarizing one form of packaging system Linux can increase its market share and help ease the transition from Windows to Linux

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