Vista RTM Scheduled for Oct. 25

I don’t know what happened to this post, but oh well… Accordign to this article in the Seattle Times, there is a clock in Buildin 9 in Redmond that is counting down the day until Vista releases to the manufacturer or RTM. This is a big milestone because it means Vista is closer to being available to the genuine masses. The big OEM’s and other shops will get this verion of Vista and will soon start cranking out Vista PC’s and all kind of Vista goodness. Soon, should be in January.

A nice quote in the article explains a lot of the information:

An Oct. 25 RTM date would give computer manufacturers enough time to get new machines loaded with Vista into store inventories for an early January launch, which could still catch some momentum at the tail end of the holidays, said Joe Wilcox, an analyst with Jupiter Research.

The other intersting part of this article is there is a rumor that Bill Gates will launch Vista at his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES.

Can’t wait for this….

Update: Now Schedule to RTM Novemeber 2 due to a security hole that was found and fixed


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