Googlebombing the Election

Thanks to GOP Bloggers for this story about Democrats trying a new tatic to win the election. Sometimes I can’ believce what the Democrats will try to do to win an election. The idea is to come up w/ a list of articles against Republicans written by “non-partisan” sources and then buy Google adwords for the most popular searches for canidates in “trouble” and link those articles to the adwords. So how are they going to do it? Well first they track all the sites via Google Spreadsheets and then spend lots of money.

Will this really help the Democrats win an election? Will people really respond to this attack or will they respond to substance and ideas? I sure it’s substance and ideas that win back, I don’t understand why people think a smear campaign will win people over to the Democrat “side” but I guess when you don’t have anything to run on, then its just blame the other guy for all the problems out there…

Maybe we should all edit the spreadsheet and put in Democrat names and bad press for Democrats? But I guess that would be stooping to thier level


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