Election coverage sucks

As soon as I saw the white board of Tim Russerts I turned it off.  Didn’t we get enough of that silly white board in 2000 and 2004?  Are we going to see it everytime an election happens?

Seriously in this day and age of technology with smart boards and TelePrompTer and everything else, why would NBC rely on a gimmick such as a dry erase board to differentiate themselves from the over coverage?

I had CSPAN on last night watching some of their coverage, and average people could call in and talk about who they voted for and why they voted etc, and one person who identified as a Republican called and asked why there was such a bias towards Democrats and liberals in the media.  The anchor responded to the question with the great answer of “Thanks so much for your call, have a great night.”  Wow what an answer….

Another great quote was from Nancy Pelosi, btw did anyone else notice that it looked like she had two eyebrows or they split like a fork?  It was after 9pm, so the polls were closed in the 90% of the Midwest and she was talking about how we need to encourage people in the Midwest to vote as they had time left.  Is the Midwest in its own timezone and world that differs from the East Coast?  Anyway’s everyone watching laughed out loud.

Also how can you call an election w/ 0% of the precincts reporting?  NBC and ABC called Michigan for Granholm w/ 0% reporting.  How does that work?

But back to work, enough of my disgust w/ election coverage…


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