Windows under VMWare runs better then a native install

So I made the switch to dual-booting Kubuntu and Windows XP when 6.10 came out.  I still needed access to things like the SQL Management Studio, Visual Studio 2005 and IE for my work w/ Altiris.

So I fired up VMWare and created an image, installed SQL Management Studio, SVS (of course), and Visual Studio 2005.  After running Windows Update I got IE7 and started playing around w/ things.

I noticed the funniest thing, my Toshiba A20 laptop screams in the VM compared to my normal install.  I am only missing things like Visio, Outlook and OneNote (which is the one application I can’t seem to fine a good replacement for).  I just don’t understand why things work faster in my VM image under Linux then under an actual install. 

More thoughts on that as they come up


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