Massive resistance in Michigan

On Power Line there is a great article about the recent vote by the state of Michigan ending preferential treatment or “Affirmitative Action” and how people are trying to fight this measure.  The proposal posted w/ over 50% of the state voting for the measure.  Why can’t people just bow to the will of the people?  Isn’t that what elections are for?

I’m a huge fan of the University of Michigan, however I hate the fact the president of the univesity feels that it is within her role to ignore this rule when it comes to deal with how people get into the University.  People claim that it will end diversity, that universities will stop being the beacon they are of multiculturalism.  Funny how these people aren’t against the lack of diversity that is in sports, especially in basketball. 🙂

The following, a quote from the mentioned article, describes the best reason that we should be for this law:

today’s discrimination mongers are reacting not against rulings by unelected judges but against the will of the state’s voters — the folks who pay the salary of Coleman, for example. The anti-discrimination amendment passed with 58 percent of the vote. A majority of both sexes voted for it, as did 40 percent of self-described liberals and Democrats….

[T]hat racial preferences were originally intended to help disadvantaged minorities but now tend to benefit mostly the children of relatively well-off blacks and Hispanics. That’s the genius of the post-modern rationale for preferences — the need to promote “diversity.” The daughter of a powerful African-American politician or civil rights advocate is just as racially diverse as the daughter of an inner city African-American single parent, so the coveted slot at the University of Michigan can be awarded to the well-off applicant.

That’s all one needs to know.  We need to fight the people who are trying to over rule the vote of the people


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