U-M files motion asking for delay in Prop 2

Just got this heads up from my brother who works for a paper.  Seems U of M has filed a lawsuit and is joined by Michigan State, and Wayne State, trying to delay Prop 2 from going into effect until after it finishes enrolling students for next year.

So in other words good luck if you are a white man trying to get into U of M this year, I have a feeling they are going to fill up their “quotas” really quickly.  Remember people 58% of the people voted for Prop 2

U-M files motion asking for delay in Prop 2
Lawyers for the University of Michigan and two other state universities
filed a motion in federal court today seeking to delay the effective start
of Proposal 2 to allow them to finish admitting and awarding financial aid
for students enrolling next fall.
In an interview with The News, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman said the
university wants to finish its current admission cycle using existing
standards. Altering those standards to admit students at this time would be
unfair, Coleman said.
At the same time, Coleman said, U-M is not currently considering further
legal action, and will comply with Proposal 2, which bans the use of race
and gender preferences in university admissions, public hiring and the
awarding of public contracts.
Proposal 2, which was approved by 58 percent of voters on Nov. 7, is
scheduled to take effect Dec. 22. High school students have until Feb. 1 to
apply for admission into the freshman class arriving on campus next fall.
Joining U-M in filing the motion are Michigan State University and Wayne
State University.

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