SUSE 10.2 and Kickoff — A review

So I have finally downloaded the dvd .iso of the latest release of SUSE and have started playing the new “Start Menu” for lack of a better word.  And as much as I was hoping for it to be in Kubuntu, I’m not a big fan of it.

The biggest problem that I have is I have to click on each menu item for the submenu to open up, or flyover the current menu.  This seems silly to me, I want to expand the menu like my KMenu does or how the start menu in XP does.

The other issue I have with it is the way things are arranged within Kickoff.  Perhaps that is due to how Kubuntu arranges things, but the arranging in SUSE does not make sense.  Things like favorites and how do they work, are favorites different then my bookmarks or internet favorites?  Is history actually a history of all the applications I used Kickoff to launch or an internet history or some wierd combination of the two.  Use names that are clearly defined and not something we use elsewhere.  Maybe it is all laid out in the documentation, but the help isn’t very promenint on the window.

Also like other people have complained is I don’t like a scroll menu on my start menu.  Simply things a little more.  For example, I haven’t used digiKam or the KDE Help Center but it is listed as a favorite.

Other general frustrations w/ SUSE is there is no Live CD that I ahve found yet.  I wanted to try things out, not spend time downloading a DVD and isntalling to a new virtual machine.  I dislike the fact that Kerry is alt+space and interferes w/ Katapult which I think is a much better application.  Great I can hit alt+space, type amarok, click on the icon for it, which shows all the other references to Amarok or I could use Katapult, hit alt+space, type amar and let tab completion take care of the rest.

I guess you are comfortable w/ what you know, but Kickoff appears to be a great attempt at changing the start menu, but it is not there yet.

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