RE: The power of blogging on Google

I’ve been thinking about your comment:

“If any blogger out there has complained, I’ll see that and be warned away.”

and I find that extremly scary.  Remember one of the best and worst parts of the internet is the ability to be anonomoys and write whatever you want to without signing your name.  Lou Holtz, the great coach from Norte Dame, made a comment about how this has wrecked coaching football, some blogger/message board poster can write whatever he/she wants and pretty soon a coach is in hot water w/ the university/fans/media and is out of a job if enough people belive what one person posted w/o having to sign his/her name to the post.

So I can now game what companies you buy and do business with?  I can write “stories” of fraud and abuse and poor customer service and steer you away from doing business w/?

Really what Coach Holtz said is true, the power of blogging and Google is scary, coaches can get fired, Senators can face time in jail or loose their jobs, political lies can be brought to light, and I can make it all up as long I establish some form of high Google rank.

Scary eh?


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