Frustrations w/ Debian Etch and KDE

I have been working with (K)Ubuntu docs for a long time now, since Hoary release I think and I have recently started trying to move some of my work upstream to KDE and one of things that I want is a Debian install so I can see what is different, if anything between Debian and Kubuntu and make sure that I account for any of those differences. (Wow that might just have been the longest sentence I have written on this blog) So I fired up VM Server and created a new Virtual Machine and got ready to install.

One of the final stages of the installer is to configure what other packages you would like installed, and I selected Desktop and Standard. And the installer continues without providing me the opportunity to choose which desktop environment I will be using. And here comes Gnome pacakges….

So after the installer is finished and my vm restarts, I receive several errors about not being able to start X which is no big deal I know how to do the whole dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-core to get things resetup, which I promptly did. I’m now getting error messages about a package mouse not installed? WTF is that why weren’t all the packages installed… So I start googling to try and figure out how to install KDE and find there are several packages (kde, kde-core,kde-desktop) and you have to guess which one you want. I try kde-desktop and no luck, no such package. So I install the pacakge kde and start things up and still no X. Why can’t Debian just work like (K)Ubuntu does?

I think the best thing that Ubuntu has done is provide the different desktop meta-packages (ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop,edubuntu-desktop) and they work at getting the correct destkop enviroment setup and working.

BTW I also read that you can pass the command install tasksel/first=kde-desktop but that didn’t work for me either….

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