Can’t watch the Super Bowl in church???

Interesting article about how the NFL is now enforcing the fact that you can’t show the Super Bowl.

  • The intent of the law, which dates to the 1960s, is to protect the NFL’s television ratings by preventing large crowds from gathering to watch games in public places — where their viewing habits aren’t measured by the Nielsen ratings. (The ratings only measure viewership at home.) Sports bars and other businesses that rely on televised sports to draw patrons are exempt.
  • I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, and why the NFL is so concerned about things like this. Does the NFL really need more money to plant trees to combat the “greenhouse gases” the super bowl creates? Or do is the NFL really that broke?
    I mean its going to make millions on the super bowl w/ millions watching them. Super bowl parties at churches and other locations probablly add to viewership instead of detract from viewership. I bet people bring significant others to these parties that wouldn’t otherwise watch them.
    Are we now going to crack down on things like how many people can watch parties at one house?? Give me a break


    2 thoughts on “Can’t watch the Super Bowl in church???

    1. Great Post!

      There would be one way to stop these sports empires from treating their customers so badly and that is to boycott them for one full year. They overpay the players and acquire city/state funding for many of their stadiums and kick their fans in the teeth at every turn.

      I say kick them in the wallets were it hurts until they come over to our side for a change. Its time for the fans to take back the games.

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