Thoughts on the blizzard of ’07

My parents always tell the story of the blizzard of ’78 and the fact that my mother was very pregnant w/ me. I was born in April of that year… Anyways now I can tell people of the “blizzard” of ’07 and more importantly I can tell my kids, whenever that happens. It’s funny how things work in West Michigan in regards to winter weather. This portion of the state has been hammered by winter weather and by wind, incredibly cold wind. However the rest of the state east of Lansing has been completly dry. Its an effect called “lake effect” and its something we deal w/ every year.
So Friday it started to snow and as I write this post, Sunday night, it has finally stopped, but who knows it might get started up again. The problem w/ the snow that happened wasn’t all that bad, it was the terrible wind that made visible next to nothing and closed the roads. You know it is a bad day outside when the sherrifs tell everyone not to drive and closes the highways.
Anyways tonight we ventured out to a Super Bowl party and it took at least double the amount of time that it would normally take. When you have to drive in the tracks of the car in front of you because you can’t tell the lines, you know you probablly shouldn’t be out in the weather. The thing that amazes my wife and I is all the idiots that drive w/o taking into account the conditions, you know the tpe, driving way to fast, changing lanes w/o turn signals, etc… But on days when people shouldn’t be driving according to the cops still amazes me.

Hopefully by tomorrow the roads will be clean and it won’t be such a struggle to get to work, though 99% of the schools are closed. Speaking of which, why aren’t businesses closed when schools are????


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