It would take a bigger person then me (New Tax for State of Michigan)

Well we now know the results of Michigan’s most recent election. Cut in budget and new taxes. It wold definitly take a bigger person then me if was the losing canidate to not hold a person confrence and gloat that the state got exactly what it voted for. Here is how my press confrence would go:

“Thank you very much for not voting me. For all of those that didn’t vote for haha. Now you are stuck with a tax increase. Aren’t you glad you voted Granholm in…. Suckers…. I told you taxes would go up, but NOOOOOOOO you didn’t believe me, you didn’t vote for me….. Losers, now I will laugh for 4 more years….

But that’s not how politicians are. Which is a bummer…. It’s frustrating that so many of us knew that some form of new tax or tax increase would come with Granholm’s second term, but still there was always hope that it might not happen. Now we are having a tax increase on services:

Michigan residents would pay a 2 percent sales tax
starting June 1 on everything from haircuts to movie tickets and legal fees
under a proposal by Gov. Jennifer Granholm that was unveiled Wednesday.
The new sales tax would cost a family of four with the median income of
$57,300 about $65 more a year, according to administration officials who
briefed reporters but would not allow their names to be used.
The new tax would not be charged on health care services and educational
services. No sales tax would be charged on child care, and government and
school purchases would be exempt from the tax on services.

Thank you very much for raising our taxes and screwing our economy further. Is there anything else you want to screw us over?? How about more jobs leaving the state, being second in country for home foreclosures, and having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Or should I wait 5 more years to be blown away??????


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