Blogging from Word 2007

I have been listening to the different conversations that Jon Udell has been doing on Channel9 and have really enjoyed them. So I subscribed to his blog and found out that you can now blog from Word 2007. This was a very interesting article for me. However, it was picked up by Robert Scoble and criticized quite harshly. So this blog entry is nothing more then trying to blog from Word 2007 to see how it works.

First impressions is that it works better then Windows Live Writer. I enjoy the formatting and the ability to do what seems a little more then what that great application can do. I just am a little curious as to what this entry will look like in WordPress when I upload it.

My other thought about this is that it was a little confusing to setup my blog, but maybe that is just me. When I saw the place to enter in the web address I put in the whole address and removed the xmlrc section that followed the “Insert blog address here.” Frustrated that I couldn’t connect I tried it again and read the instructions and was able to setup my blog.

I guess I have nothing more to add, just trying things out…….


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