The Thug-BA

I have long commented to friends and others that would listen that the reason I don’t watch pro basketball is because it has turned out to be a bunch of thugs, gangsters and generally selfish pricks. There I’ve said, it’s out in the open for everyone to read.
But it has now been confirmed, based on news coming out of the brawl that was the All-Star game. Just do a Google search for “violence NBA all-star” and look at all the hits you get.
Read this article and notice this paragraph:

Police arrested 362 people during the All-Star Game weekend as scattered fights broke out along the main casino strip early Monday even though police had braced themselves for the post-celebratory mayhem.

Nice, great job NBA, way to attract a good/clean crowd. But the best write I have seen so far is from Jason Whitlock, who sums up everything I have to say about this.


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