Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

This is an interesting story and I don’t quite understand it. James Cameron of Titanic fame is bringing a documentary about the tomb of Jesus being found and actually finding the caskets of his family, father, brothers, wife, mother and child.
Can someone please explain to me how they DNA evidence of Jesus? Where is this coming from? The Shroud of Turin? Or was it from any of the other Relics of Christ? Wait I get it, because the name Mary, Joesph and Jesus are are all together, it makes them the grave of Jesus and his family. I thought those were common names back then? Like BIll or Bob, or Mary today….
Anyways this film is supposed to be the end of Christianity but I doubt it will cause as much stir as DaVinci Code did. Seriously, will Jesus say “I’m the king of the world!!!”?????

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