Robert bites the hand that fed him

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but Robert’s last post has gone over board. Scoble attacks MS that they suck and can’t do well. I just don’t understand why the sudden change in tone of voice? Scoble became an Internet Celebrity because Microsoft allowed him to post his own thoughts and ideas, but lately things are going out of control. The world is starting to revolve around his thoughts and his ego has gotten out of control.
In a great article on the Times Online, makes special note that his career is where it is because of what Microsoft allowed him to do. For many tech readers his voice was a softer side of Microsoft, was the “soul” of a “kinder, gentler” Microsoft, but it seems like he is now out to bash Microsoft whenever he can. He has previous posts were he praises products and then later changes his position to colaim that it “sucks.”
How much of what he does is just deisgned to drive traffic to the company he works at versus what he actually really thinks? In fact, how do we even know what he really thinks? Can we take his blog @ face value any more or has he become another shill for Google and part of the whole M$ sucks crowd that I believe is helping to prevent the growth of alternate choices to Microsoft.
I wonder if Google ever looses its popularity will we soon be reading posts from him about how bad Google is instead of how great the product is. Oh yeah and an example of how MS search sucks is because a search for Robert doesn’t show his name as first post. Wow talk about an ego trip… The first link for Jonathan isn’t this site on either sites so they suck.

Part of his arguments is that Google reader is great and is the most popular reader out there, that Google and Apple listen to their customers and those companies make changes based on customer feedback. But really is Google going to change what it is doing because someone suggests it?


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