Live on the road or why I haven’t written in so long

I started working for an IT consultant firm back in June of 2006 and for 5 months spent working at the same company in town. So now I’m on the road for my first long term engagement. 6 weeks of travel to wonderful town of Columbus Ohio. Before this trip, I was out in Utah for training as well.
It’s funny no matter where I go friends are always like: “Oh you are going there, then you need to visit this place…” And I never go there, in fact rarely do I leave the hotel room at night. What do I do each night? Nothing more then check email and work on the different documentation that I have to do for my clients or just watch tv and do absolutely nothing…
You know I’m tired and sick of doing things by the time I’m done doing everything and working all those hours. I just want to crash and veg, and go no where. People laugh, but in talking w/ my co-workers who also travel, and in fact they all travel more then I do say the same things. I would be interested if there are any other consultants who read this blog that have the same problems. At night do most consultants do nothing but sit in their hotel rooms and surf the web????

The other thing I’ve had is that my Ubuntu work has suffered as well… No documentation, no bug, nothing. But hopefully that will change as I learn to better manage my time at night.


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