An iPod for every kid, give me a break

I can’t believe this article, Democrats in the State legislator want to pass a law that will give all students in schools in the state of Michigan an iPod or other type of MP3 player. Sure that will help students study better and graduate. What an absolute friggen joke our state is becoming. Already people are leaving Detroit in droves forcing the city to close 35 schools (they orginally planned to close up to 50 some reports say).
There are other great points in the article, great jems that show how brilliant those in State House an Senate are, the Senate Democrat leader Andy Dillon has another brilliant plan.

For example, Dillon says he would shift the burden of business taxes to companies that operate in Michigan, but don’t have a facility here. The certain outcome of that plan is to drive even more businesses out of Michigan.

That’s great tax companies investing in Michigan but don’t have facilities in the state. I am sure that will make more people want to invest in the state. Awesome…. I’m sure that will help the state out. Maybe I’ll move to Arkansas which Michigan seems to have taken over as the laughing stock of the country


One thought on “An iPod for every kid, give me a break

  1. I agree with you here. As a citizen of Michigan myself I sit and shake my head at some of the tax ideas of our democratic friends, most notably our fearless governor. It’s funny, but I don’t see them recommending that they take pay or benefit cuts to help generate some money in this economy; and are ipods really the answer for our educational woes? If they are, maybe I’ll humbly stay out of that debate, but certainly there must be a better way. How about making sure each school has enough money to have enough books and proper equipment for their students?


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