Is the U.N. Serious?

Seriously, the UN is putting Zimbabwe in charge of the U.N. body that promotes ecconmoic progress? Can you believe this? Are we supposed to respect the decisions this governing body makes when a country with one of the worst performing world economies is in charge of promoting economic growth?
From the Powerline blog, they have great thoughts on this:

Zimbabwe, once a relatively prosperous land, now is one of the world’s worst performing economies. According to the Washington Times (see link above), it has the world’s highest inflation rate, unemployment of something like 80 percent, and severe food shortages. Just this week, the government announced daily power cuts of up to 20 hours for households throughout the country. And, of course, Zimbabwe possesses an atrocious human rights record.

Oh yeah and further information in regards to the quality of the UN:

UPDATE: In 2003, the United Nations elected Libya as the chairman of its Commission on Human Rights. In January of that same year, it selected Iran and pre-invasion Iraq to co-chair the U.N. Disarmament Conference.

Come on people why can’t we vote out the UN of America or better yet, just stop giving them money so they won’t have any power to do anything.


5 thoughts on “Is the U.N. Serious?

  1. As much as I try to believe the UN can be helpful in bringing peace to this world, I see some of the rediculous things that they do and shake my head. This is no exception. Who knows, maybe Zimbabwe might benefit from the position on this body, because Lord knows they are want for some economic progress with Robert Mugabe. But let’s face it, the only way they will see any progress is by getting rid of him.

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  2. Kent,

    THanks for the nice comments. I agree the only economic growth is by ridding the country of Mugabe. I’ve read interesting articles about how the economy was great before he took over and drove out all the successful people.

  3. Yes, in fact The Economist has really been harping on the fact that Zimbabwe was flourishing during the pre-Mugabe era.

    Amazing how someone can pile drive success into the ground and still think that his hold on power is the only way to success. So what do we do? Should we be a hawk or a dove about it? This is what we are going to have to debate in the very near future.

  4. How would one going about taking a more active stand on how to correct this.
    Part of me thinks that if we take a stand against Mugabe then people will think we are being racist against a black leader or something crazy like that

  5. I don’t think that will be the case; in fact, much of Africa refuses to do business with him. Neither do I think the United States, or anyone else for that matter, will or should be criticized for taking action against a ruler who has bottomed out his country and brought despair to his people when there was once hope.
    As for what we should do, bringing hard political attention to it can only help. Results might not come at quickly, but it will pressure him to either reform, or try and legitimize his policies to the world. In my opinion, economic sanctions will only further bury his country; we want to make sure we are pressuring him, and not his people. It is not their fault.

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