Sharepoint versus Worpdress??

Ok I’m looking for a documentation/team management system that I can setup and run. I’ve used Sharepoint and obviously this blog is hosted on WordPress. I have even installed a local WordPress server and have successfully enabled a blog.
Let me explain the situation here: At work right now we run dotProject to manage some of the documents the consultants use. But not many people use and it is very hard to search and find files, including the files you have posted yourself. Also since we are not using the project management functions the site is a little more then a file repository that no one uses.
I’ve been tasked to find some form of a solution to this. The first thing I thought had was to use Sharepoint as I have used it for team sites and documentation management. 99% of the engineers here use Microsoft Office, so I thought it would be a great fit. However there are some issues security wise, including the biggest being required VPN access to really get the best out of Sharepoint which at most client sites is blocked.
So I thought what about setting up a WordPress site, but I don’t know enough about WordPress to see if it will work the way I want it to. I would like to be able to create seperate “sites” for different projects or teams and upload documents, have discussion, and great search. Also different levels of access control would be great, so if I didn’t have the correct access, I wouldn’t even see the post.

Am I looking for too much out of wordpress and should be looking for something else, some other form of software???


2 thoughts on “Sharepoint versus Worpdress??

  1. Hi, core dotProject contributor here…

    Before you punt dotProject and go to something like Sharepoint, you might check out the new SmartSearch module in core dotProject. The searching is cleaner, faster, and generally more robust. Then again, if you’re not using the PM functionality, it’s probably overkill.

    I’d suggest that you check out a Wiki like MediaWiki or DokuWiki. I’ve setup a number of customers with them and they like the ability to create “project pages” and then categorize them as needed. One went so far as to categorize every project across the business line, lead developer, and server cluster it’s running on. Therefore, sales, dev, support, and even operations can look at the information in the way that makes the most sense to them.

    Good luclk.

  2. Keith,

    Thank you for your post. There are two problems with our dotProject installation. 1. It has not be setup or maintained since it was installed. 2. Not used that much because we don’t use the project management function of it.

    I have no idea what the goal or the reasoning behind going with dotProject was as it was installed/setup before I got involved with it.

    Thanks also for the tip on looking at wikis. Can they be used to store files in a project repostiroy way?

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