Started writing documentation for Keep — Backup utility for KDE

I have spent lots of time working on Kubuntu documentation and have decided to try and work upstream with KDE documentation. One of the ways I thought would be to work on documentation for Adept, the package manager Kubuntu uses as its default program. However with all the changes that got made for 7.04, my documentation fell way, way behind. The problem with Adept is that Kubuntu’s version and Debian’s version are so far split apart they are almost separate documents.

So I started to tackle another project that is lacking documentation and that is Keep. Bug #122484 in KDE’s bug tracking database, mentions that Keep is lacking a handbook. So I have spoken with the maintainer of the package and started to work on the documentation. I am also using this as time to learn how to use bazaar and store the branch in launchpad. So if anyone is interested, or cares or wants to help contribute, the link to my Keep documentation branch is:


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