Democratic Presidential hopefulls and the Fox News debate

Or lack of debate… Why are all the Democrats avoiding the Fox News debate like the plague? Because the crowd feels that Fox News is just a mouthpiece of the Karl Rove administration or whatever crazy view they currently have.
Anyways, there is a great article in the New York Times linked from the Drudge Reportin regards to the debate and some of the back story behind it. One thing I didn’t, maybe because I wasn’t paying much attention to it, but the Congressional Black Congress is sponsering the debate. In fact, according to the article, Fox and the parent corp (Newscorp) is giving money to the black caucus and helping to get more African Americans involved in the television rating system. However that doesn’t matter to people like Mrs. Clinton, or Mr. Obama. I wonder if Newscorp has given money to Obama? Now that would be interseting.


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