WordPress and Access Control??

For those that read this site, I’m looking for some help on setting things up for a local wordpress install I’m working on. I would like to set my local wordpress install so that not all posts are available for all people.
So if I create a group called Asset Team, then I only people who are a part of the Asset Team would be able to view the post/entry. If I set it to everyone, then everyone would be able to view the bpost. How would I go about setting that up?


6 thoughts on “WordPress and Access Control??

  1. there used to be an option in the Role dropdown in the User manager.. but that seems to have gone away at some point or another… not sure how you could do that. Are you installing it over a local intranet or what?

  2. Josh,

    THanks for the link, after reading it and configuring it on my test worpdress server it isn’t quite like what I’m looking for. I hope that I can find it soon.

  3. I was messing around in the admin panel, and found an option to just make the posts “Private” without the need for a password, and it seems to have posts not even be noticeable to no registered readers.

    The only drawback that I could see are that it might ONLY be visible to YOU, and that you’d have to set each post as “Private”… so, if you want to try it, the option is under “Post Status” in the writing panel. Hope I can be of more help this time.

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