The best of Humanity

subtitled: The cream doesn’t always rise to the top

If you are ever looking to see the finest of society in a town you are
visiting, please visit the Secreatary of State, or Department of Motor
Vehicles, whatever area of government is in charge of driver’s licenses,
driver’s tests, etc.  You will see the finest specimans of civilization.

I would like to state four examples of the finest the great state of Ohio has
to offer:
1.  Barefoot and Pregnant walking around in public:  Yes I did see a young
lady walking barefoot into work today while she was pregnant, or at least so
large I hope she was pregnant.  Dirty, wild, unkempt and unwashed
hair, “strutting” her stuff as she wadled into the BMV (Buerau of Motor
2.  Car full of unbuckled people, including child.  A beater of a car was full
of adults with the “mom” holding what appeared to be a one year in her lap,
she was at least in the back seat of the car and not in front.  The other
child, was standing on the floor of the back seat with his head out the
window.  Classy….
3.  Handicaped because you are fat:  There should be a law that fat people
should not be able to get a handicap sticker for their car.  In fact, if you
are so fat your captains chair in your full size van must be reclined in
order for you to drive, there should be a law that states you have to park in
the furthest away spot and not take up the handicap spots from people who
really need it due to injury or other more serious actual diseases.  Being
obese is not a handicap, its your own stupid fault.

And just to round things out, the 4th and perhaps best example of the cream of
the crop is the “gentleman”, and I use this term loosely, with a pony tail
and a t-shirt that said “Hold me beer while I f$#k your wife, but without the
symbols.  Yes sir you are one classy gentleman.  In fact I’m so glad you
brought one of the mothers of your children with you because you are
re-applying for your driver’s license which was revoked.

None of these people should be allowed to vote or breed.


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