Revisiting Sharepoint versus WordPress

In another post (, I spoke about problems and concerns I have had trying to come up with a nice content management system to help replace what we currently are using at work. I wanted to provide an update as to where I currently am on and how the project is currently standing. An amazing part of my last blog entry was one of the dotProject core contributors made some comments about helping out which was nice, including recommending a different product then using dotProject to meet ourrr needs.
I spent some time with MediaWiki, Drupal, Alfresco, and finally came back to WordPress. I created a test virtual machine running on my Kubuntu box and started playing around with it. I found all kinds of cool themes, plugins and other unnessecary junk to loadx into my wordpress setup. Finally I found what I was really looking for, post levels. The ability to set a level to a post and only those with higher access could see the post. Beacuse the information posted here will be specific to the company, I have setup each post with a default level of 1 and a person has to then sign in to view the post. A question I still have is how secure is the password settings behind this?
I am not too concerned about theming the site, unless I want to brand it based on the colors and everything of the company, but right now I’m pretty happy with how things look.
I like the fact that I create categories for each post and then do a quick and easy search by limiting to just the categories I want. If the topic is Client Management, then I want to see all Client Management related posts, Asset Management, Asset Management posts, etc… A thought I haven’t tried to figure out is can I first limit by Client Management and then Design Documents to only show Client Management Design Documents.
Another thing I am enjoying working with WordPress is the ease to setup and get working with page rank and uploading files. I took a look at Alfresco based on recommendations and it looked great, including file versioning, but the setup was way complex. In fact more complex then the last time I looked at Sharepoint. Am I missing something in the setup of Alfresco? I had to do a lot of configuration and customization that I didn’t have to do in WordPress. Another point that bothers me about Alfresco is you are required to run a GUI to get things to work correctly. In fact I couldn’t figure out how to install without a GUI to even test to see if it was possible. Any install documents are “hidden” behind a wall of create a username and password to sign in to see them. (That turns me off from using a product.) To setup wordpress I simply installed Ubuntu 7.04 server using the LAMP installer and downloaded the wordpress install, unziped and untarred and was ready to go with a few simple steps. No GUI required. I use phpmysqladmin because I like it, but outside of that, nothing was requried. Simple and easy to do.
So I’m now at the point to do a demo of what I’ve created after I have populated the database. Hopefully what I present can help ease the transfer from dotProject to WordPress.


5 thoughts on “Revisiting Sharepoint versus WordPress

  1. Feedback on the Alfresco installation is useful, so many thanks for that. The basic installation for a quick trial should be faster than in the past – unzip and startup (using the HSQL database). The challenge is we had people want more setup otions in the GUI installers, so it got more complicated. The .zip/.tar.gz bundles should be just the same as ever. The readmes in these bundles give installation details.

    We’re going to be providing a publish-to-Wordpress option in our next release, so content in Alfresco can be pushed out to major blog servers. We’ll also be looking at integrating Alfresco with WordPress more tightly (we’ve already got a prototype with MediaWiki), so “enterprise” needs can be supported, while still letting people use the best tool for the job.

    Cheers, Paul.

  2. Paulhh,

    Thanks for your response, just getting back to things after being on the road for awhile…. Anyways, in regards to your response you are welcome on the feedback. Is there only a graphical installation of Alfresco or did I misunderstand from your comment there is a non-graphical installer? The documentation did not mention it or I couldn’t find it.

    Also it seems to be missing simple examples or pre-built workflows to help those out who are just trying to demo it.

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