I hate Cars

I hate Cars

As I write this post I am in the car dealership in Milan Michigan.  99% of the people who read this probablly have no idea where Milan MI is or that it even existed.  Anyways I was on my way home from Columbus Ohio today and noticed my car was chugging on the highway.  And then the temperature gauge started jumping everytime I hit the throttle.  Touch the throttle and the gauge would plummet to cold and then when I let off the throttle the guage would return to its normal position.  I thought maybe my car was overheating but there was no indicator that I was low on fluid, but to play it safe I got off the highway, US-23, and looked for the first garage or gas station I could find.  I pulled into Tim’s Auto Shop and while he said he was very busy he would look at it breifly to see if he knew what the problem was.  We checked all my fluids and then he took it out for a test spin.  If a mechanic ever says “I’ve never seen that before” you know you have a problem.

Which brings me to where I am at, the Chevy Dealership, my car is Chevy Cavelier, waiting for them to diagnose the problem.  The bummer is I was supposed to be at home today, supposed to be having dinner with my wife, supposed to be doing a lot of other things.  Currently its 12:53 pm and I have been here since 11:30am.  Hopefully it is nothing serious and I can get back on the round quickly and see my wife.  Did I mention I have been on the road 7 out of the last 8 weeks.  Yeah sucks doesn’t…

***** Update 1 ***********
Ok thed problem has been finally diagnosed, apparently the bolts that hold the computer for the car in place were broken and the computer was bouncing around and it finally broke.  Hence all the problems I was having with the gauges and everything else.  Now I am waiting on getting it fixed.  Another funny part of this adventure is one of the sales men asked what I did and when I told him I was a computer consultant he asked if I could take a look at his computer.  Larry needs a new hard drive for his Dell that is about 5 years old.  Blue screen of Death all the time due to drive failures.  Helped him copy his “customer list,” which seemed nothing more then a mailbox?  Don’t know for sure.  Apparently that was good enough for him to talk to the service manager and ask him to “help me out,” whatever that menas…..
It’s currently 2:30pm and still waiting to get back on the road, more updates as it follows.

*** Update 3 ************
It’s 3pm and still waiting for my car, this sure sucks big time, was supposed to be home and supposed to have a special date with my wife tonight.  Bummer on that, hopefully we can still get it to work correctly.

*** Update 4 *********
Car fixed and ready to roll.  Its 4pm which means I should be home by 6:30


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