Obama says teach Kindergartners sex education

Seriously, I can’t believe this, a Senator is suggesting that sex education is alright as long as it is “age appropriate” or whatever that means.  Iex can’t imaging teaching sex education to kids.  I have friends with a kindergärtner and I should to think of her learning about sex.  And who decides what is “age appropriate?”  Is there going to be some for of government run organization that figures this out or will we leave that up Planned Parenthood?  Will your 4 or 5 year be taught about trans-gender people and homosexuals?  What values will we be teaching to these kids?

Whatever happened to waiting to teach kids about the “bird and bees?”  Why can’t parents be responsible for teaching responsibility and about life?  I would be very upset if my kid came home and told me what he or she learned in class and it being about sex.


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