Bary Bonds’ Mechanical Device??????

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Bonds, but you have to admit, he has great skill and has accomplished something amazing with (as of now) tying Hank Aaron’s record.  I’ve read a lot of blogs and stories in regards to his alleged steroid use, but still now matter how many “roids” I take I couldn’t hit 755 home runs.

 In this article, the author looks at the arm guard that Barry wears that is totally different then anything any other atheletes use.  Is there anything to it or just another player hater?

There are 7 different reasons behind this thinking and I’ll list them, but read the article as it goes into greater depth.

  1. Apparatus is hinged at the elbow
  2. Apparatus locks the elbow when the lead arm is fully extended
  3. The wieght of the apparatus sels his inner upper arm to his torros at impact
  4. Bonds performs less well at home run derbies when he is not using the apparatus
  5. Apparatus allows him to turn mor rapidly on the baseball
  6. Apparatus adds additonal mass which is not available to the average hitter
  7. Apparatus allows him to lean over the plate without fear of getting hit.

Does this help him hit home runs?  I don’t know…. I do know he has been hit by over 103 pitches according to

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