I don’t understand voting on Juice

I post some comments, read a lot of articles and vote quite often on Juice, but don’t understand how the voting works. I mean I understand the need to limit people spam voting to get points for the rewards, but how do you calculate the only 5 times in 24 hours. I’ve talked several times with the admins but still don’t understand how the process works.

So i read at least 5 posts today at work. I voted on at least 5 posts before 5pm EST. However tonight at 8:30 EST and 9:30 EST I tried to vote again but apparently haven’t passed the 24 hour time frame? What time zone does this magical 24 hour number exist in? Do I have to wait until Mountain time, which Altiris is in? Or does it go by the 24 hour clock? Or as hours pass do I get to vote again?


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand voting on Juice

  1. Sorry about the confusion about vote casting on the Juice, jjesse.

    It’s really quite simple but I haven’t taken the time to explain it to anyone in detail. So, you asked for it 😉

    Every time you vote, an entry — along with a timestamp — is made in a database table. Well call it the “vote” table.

    The “throttle” works this way: Each time you cast a vote, our system queries the vote table to see if it can count five of your votes made in the last 24 hours. If it can’t find five, it lets you vote. If it can find five, it does not let you vote.

    Let’s say, for example, you cast a vote at 1pm, another at 2pm, a third at 3pm, a fourth at 4pm and a fifth at 5pm.

    Once you’ve cast the 5pm vote, your allotment is filled — you’ve voted five times in 24 hours. If you come back in 3 hours the result will be the same: five votes in last 24 hours, no more allowed.

    If, however, you come back at 2:30pm the next day, the system only finds three votes cast in the last 24 hours (the ones made at 3, 4, and 5 on the previous day) and you are allowed to vote — but only twice. After you’ve voted twice, the query against the vote table will again return a count of 5 votes in 24 hours and you’ll have to wait until after 3pm, when the count drops to 4, to vote again.

    Aren’t databases the coolest thing since pickled beets?


  2. Kevin,

    Thanks so much for the reply about the added information. I’ve been for something like this for a long time. One further question is does the vote time stamp occur when the moderators approve the vote or when the vote actually occurs? Cause that would set the time that I’m looking to vote again off by however long it took for that approval to take place.


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